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    Home Closing Checklist for Sellers

    You may already have gathered all of the paperwork you need for closing day, but there are a few other tasks to handle before you get to the closing table.


    • Clean the entire house, including inside drawers and cabinets.
    • Close utility accounts and have them shut off on the day of closing.
    • Place all keys (house, mailbox, pool, etc.), garage remotes, alarm and gate codes, etc. in one place, such as a drawer closest to the refrigerator.
    • Create a packet of appliance manuals, service contracts, warranties, etc. and place them in the same drawer.
    • Visit to direct the post office to forward your mail. Also, consider leaving a large, stamped envelope that’s addressed to your new home so the buyers can forward any important mail that ends up at your former home.
    • Cancel newspaper subscriptions, if you have any.
    • Do a final sweep of every drawer, cabinet and surface to make sure haven’t left anything behind.
    • Lock up the house, turn off the lights and close the blinds on the way out.
    • Make a note to cancel homeowner’s insurance after the closing is complete and the title has been transferred or the deed recorded.

      Home Closing Checklist for Sellers


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